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Drawing on his many years of interacting with Westerners, Tarthang Tulku engages a wide range of important and helpful topics, from joy as the foundation of the path to the nonduality of subject and object. Written in the form of an extended interview, Dimensions of Mind is very user-friendly. Reading it, you have the sense that you are sitting in on a conversation with a friend who just happens to be the wisest and most supportive person you’ve ever met. There are 20 exercises, from ‘Panoramic Seeing’ to ‘Building Positive Energy’ to ‘Thoughts without Ownership’. The text is accessible, yet able to challenge and clarify important points of meditative and spiritual practice for longer term practitioners. 

isbn 9789056704421
uitvoering paperback
aantal pagina’s 303
druk 1
verschijningsdatum 2016
status leverbaar
prijs € 28,00